Mar 4 -

I LOVE ALMA THOMAS. As a person and a painter.  Her work has always been very endearing and warm and sincere to me.  I am a really huge, big, gigantic fan of color therapy and this is what Alma choose to paint.  A few months ago I sat down and wrote the most eloquent tribute blog and mini bio of her life and her work.  As I hit send the computer shut down and I had not saved my piece :(  I know what I am about to type next does not do her justice but here’s the bulk of it.  Alma is from DC.  She was an art teacher in the public schools for many years.  Later in her life she began painting and showing full time she was in her 70’s.  Alma paints on a grand scale so usually very large canvases.  I have had the pleasure to view her work in solo and group shows on many occasions and it is as bright and colorful as the pictures look.  She is amazing.  She is a Black woman.

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