Feb 17 -

I went to the opening of 2 Black Women featuring the art work of Faith Ringgold and Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. Both Faith and Aminah were there. I had met Faith about 6 years ago in Washington DC, we had spoke about the treatment and lack of response to Blacks and Women in established galleries and museums. She remembered picketing in front of the Whitney (who still needs to play catch up in their collection) and when they finally started acknowledging Black artists it was the men they were speaking to and not the women. The work Faith displayed still explored the topics of race and the discrimination and racism towards Black people. She has an ongoing series of “Anyone Can Fly” I love when she paints or quilts this theme. It usually is set in the mind of a little girl who imagines herself flying high into the clouds and seeing the world in a different way from above, a world where her family does not struggle. But the “Anyone Can Fly” series is about dreaming your (the) dream until the dream is real. 

Aminah I had never met before, she was wonderful to speak with. She has a very youthful quality about her. I was most interested in her work done in Israel. During her tour in Israel she told me she made over 3,000 drawings. She gets up every day at 4 am and begins her work. Some of the older paintings she had up were made entirely from things she had around the house. From the canvas to the paint, which she made from roots and herbs she had in her garden and yard. Aminah even makes some of the paper she paints on. I loved speaking with her, she still has a twinkle in her eye. 
Be sure to check out the website Columbus Museum of Art did for her. It is so cool, interactive and you can create your own artwork with Aminah’s tools. 

The first half of the paintings are Aminah Robinson the second half is Faith Ringgold. The picture that divides the work is of Faith and I taken years ago at a Lecture she gave in Washington DC.

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